Never Been Broken: Blackness, Disability & Healing through the Arts

Never Been Broken: Blackness, Disability & Healing through the Arts was a panel presentation presented at the inaugural Black Futures Now Toronto (BFNTO) Conference on July 16th, 2016 at the Technology Enhanced Learning Building (TEL) at York University.

Organized by Lynx Sainte-Marie, conference advisor for BFNTO, the panel featured three Black artists who identified with having some form of disability and/or chronic illness. Panelists were invited to perform/recite work, and to speak to their artistic practices, the intersection of disability and Blackness and the role art plays in supporting their varied journeys of healing.


Whitney French
Jassie Justice
Lynx Sainte-Marie


Gloria Swain

Four Black spoonie panelists look to the camera, with varying faces ranging from big smiles to serious faces. In the foreground, the three spoonies IRL stand closely together, while the fourth spoonie is projected on the screen behind them URL.
From bottom left to right: Gloria Swain, Lynx Sainte-Marie and Jassie Justice. Top: Whitney French.