Occultures: Magick in the Independent Arts (2015)

Published by Impulse Books [b:] and featuring interviews with Lynx Sainte-Marie, Amrit Brar, Jenna Danchuk, Nico MaraMcKay and Clementine Morrigan, Occultures takes a critical look into the ways artistic practice, magic, zine culture and the occult intersect.

Canzine Toronto – “Magic and Occult in the Independent Arts” panel (2015).

…Afro+Goth is my way of reclaiming the “darkness” of my heritage – all those seemingly unsightly pieces of Blackness that colonialism and whiteness seeks to cast aside in favour of non-Black bodies, stories and knowledges. As someone of the Jamaican diaspora who has recently learned that my Black ancestors descended from West and Central Africa, I strive to have Blackness as my political centre. And my art is influenced by my politics in that all that I create I create, first and foremost, for Black people. Currently, I look to Afro+Goth, African and Afro-Caribbean spirituality and Afrofuturistic narratives for affirmation and creative inspiration.

– Excerpt from “Occultures” Interview.


2016, August, Broken Pencil Magazine, Staff Pick: Occultures.

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