OCHUN: Watah Poetry Anthology Book I (2014)

Ochun: Watah Poetry Anthology Book I features the poetic talents of ten poets, each graduates of The Watah Theatre Institute‘s inaugural poetry course. It was edited by Kanwal Rahim and features a forward written by the Founding Artistic Director of Watah African-Jamaican dubpoet d’bi.young anitafrika.


Raven Dauda
I. Diva
Najla Edwards
Anique J Jordan
Lana K
Ayse Kapaklili
Lynx Sainte-Marie
Kanwal Rahim
Laura Kelsey Rideout
Jasbina Sekhon


In a low lit room, Lynx Sainte-Marie sits in front of an audience of majority Black and brown people, wearing a Black halter dress. The hold a book in their hand, which they are reading from. In the background, a painting of a multi-coloured figure, the cover painting for "OCHUN" and an altar with yellow and orange fruit and flowers.
OCHUN: Poetry Anthology Book Launch (2014).
On a wall, a long sheet of paper with the poem "Loudness" written in the English alphabet. It reads, "Loudness When I was young I was told I had a big mouth That my words were louder and larger than should be syllables round and full circling past my knobby elbows floating bravely, brightly into bigpeople ARGUMENTS like balloons blocking their frustrated temples bursting when I couldn’t hold their coloured strings past my knees And how they would shake my limbs, those older ones Coaxing that the chatter of little black children was not welcome to conquer conversations What would that uncle think if he was here to witness the backchat? To see my clenched brow and sturdy gaze in the face of their opposition? This is for every little brown one with our dusty faces and wringing hands bellies burning jaw bones iron clad against the tears punctured words held with little hands under coats and tablecloths May you never grow old to lay in bed at night silence echoing through your ribcage remembering when mothers and cousins would cover their teeth in the shame of you." To the right of the poem, another piece of paper written in English reads, "Lynx Sainte-Marie, Loudness, 2014." Lastly, further right, "Loudness" is written in braille.
“Loudness”: English alphabet and braille.

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