Artist Statement

Blackness, darkness, shadow, shades, night, the labyrinths of the earth, abysmal depths, blacken someone’s reputation; and, on the other side, the bright look of innocence, the white dove of peace, magical, heavenly light.

– Franz Fanon, Black Skin, White Masks.

Of Shadows uses the serial selfie to speak to the intersections of Blackness and disability. In a wall mounted movement of five images using a lo-fi digital abstraction style that mutes the complexity of the subject, this series presents the disabled and Black body as both spectre and monstrosity; fiction and cautionary tale. Simply a danger, nothing more.

Under white supremacy, the presence of Black life is contrary and invokes violence. “Black” as a rule conjures images of the ominous and unknown in the white, colonial mind; thus, Black people are often hyper-visible around narratives of criminality, and – often, simultaneously – erased from narratives of disability. The story of these images is one of a familiar haunting, where the vulnerable body of the disabled Black person is threatening, even at rest and at pain, due to the insidious anti-Blackness of our society.



2017, March 12, Toronto, CA. Vari Hall – York University.
Reclaim Our Bodies and Minds Conference: Art Showcase featuring Lynx Sainte-Marie

2016, December 8 – 12, Toronto, CA. Tangled Art + Disability.
Storywave Collective Presents: Who We Are.

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