#BlackSpoonieSpeak was a creative writing workshop series for Black
youth ages 18-24 who live with various forms of chronic illness/disability in the Greater Toronto Area.

Prioritizing youth on the margins, the goal of the project was to provide a safer, accessible, tender space for Black spoonies to speak to their stories of survival and resilience while having the opportunity to build creative networks and supportive Black spoonie community.




2016, Art Starts (in partnership with the Toronto Arts Council), Platform A Micro-Grant.


2017, March, Open Book, Six With Lynx Sainte-Marie.

2016, September, Art Starts. Three Years of Successful Stories | Art Starts Micro-grant recipients | Platform A.


2017, August 19, Boston, US. Alternatives Conference 2017: Building Healing Communities Together.
Presenter: #BlackSpoonieSpeak: Creative Writing Effort for Healing Black Youth.