Black Arts, Black Magic

Black Arts, Black Magic was a community panel presented at the inaugural Black Futures Now Toronto (BFNTO) Conference on July 16th, 2016 at the Technology Enhanced Learning Building (TEL) at York University.

Sponsored by the Feminist Art Conference (FAC) and organized by FAC Outreach Committee Members Lynx Sainte-Marie and Aldeli Alban Reyna, four Black trans/non-binary/gender non-conforming artists were invited to speak about their artistic practice, their ancestral histories and lineages, recite or perform work and discuss how “Black Magic” manifests in their art and everyday lives.


Lou Boileau
Lourdes Duniam
Kim Ninkuru
Lynx Sainte-Marie


Geneviève Wallen

Five Black trans/non-binary people, wearing a variety of stylish clothing, look varying ways into the camera.
From the left to right: Kim Ninkuru, Lou Boileau, Lynx Sainte-Marie, Geneviève Wallen and Lourdes Duniam.


2016, July, NOW Magazine, Toronto Conference Wants to Put the Future of Black Women and Non-Binary People in Focus.


#BlackSpoonieSpeak was a creative writing workshop series for Black
youth ages 18-24 who live with various forms of chronic illness/disability in the Greater Toronto Area.

Prioritizing youth on the margins, the goal of the project was to provide a safer, accessible, tender space for Black spoonies to speak to their stories of survival and resilience while having the opportunity to build creative networks and supportive Black spoonie community.




2016, Art Starts (in partnership with the Toronto Arts Council), Platform A Micro-Grant.


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2017, August 19, Boston, US. Alternatives Conference 2017: Building Healing Communities Together.
Presenter: #BlackSpoonieSpeak: Creative Writing Effort for Healing Black Youth.

M.I.X.E.D Art Conference

The MIXED Art Conference is a multidisciplinary biennial art conference, aiming to co-create an inclusive dialogue about racialized mixed identities and lived realities through an intersectional lens. Using art and critical dialogue as vehicles for social change — through performance and visual art, panel presentations and conversation-style breakout sessions — MIXED explores the ways mixed-raced folks negotiate identity, power dynamics and community-building in their everyday lives.


Lynx Sainte-Marie stands holding a mic up to their month in one hand, and a tablet in the other. They are wearing a Black blazer, a Black shirt, Black pants and a dark blue and gold bowtie. Their rings are gold and their hair is shaved at the sides. They smile as they look to one side.
Mixed Art Conference (2017). Photo Credit: Shelby Lisk.



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Inter-Action: Multiculturalism Funding Program Events Grant.

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Inter-Action: Multiculturalism Funding Program Events Grant.


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