way home (2017)

Content note: anti-Blackness, abuse, abandonment, homelessness, physical violence.

Artist Statement/Film Synopsis

way home is an atmospheric visual and auditory landscape through which the artist shares deeply resonant poetry woven from love, pain and longing at the intersection. As we travel with the artist, we are brought on a revealing journey with tender memories of play, grief, abandonment, resilience and various other dissonant emotions the concept of home can invoke for Black folks in the diaspora.

6m 17s
Written, directed and produced:

Lynx Sainte-Marie
M: Blamo
Lynx: Themselves
Audio Descriptions: Ciel Sainte-Marie
Stock footage:
BeckHusen (Pond5)
Konstantin (Pond5)
MisDirectedMedia (Pond5)
romahau (Pond5)
Music: NikRuboRes (Pond5)

Behind a gate, cars drive past on a road. Their headlights beam. The caption reads,
From “way home – ii: look for me”
De-focused headlights in the background. The caption reads,
From “way home – iii: on my way”



Exhibitions & Installations

2018, November 8, Toronto, CA. The Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexuality Studies.
Sick Theories: On Sickness & Sexuality.

2018, January 5, Toronto, CA. Gladstone Hotel.
Long Winter Inter-Arts Festival.

2017, October 19-22, Amsterdam, NL.
Radical Queer Resistance (formerly known as Queeristan)

2017, September 30, London, CA.  London Fringe Theatre Festival.
Nuit Blanche London.

Film Festival Screenings

(forthcoming) 2019, March 9, New York City, US. Anthology Film Archives.
NYC Feminist Film Week.

2018, November 3, Toronto, CA. OCAD University.
Toronto Queer Film Festival.

2018, Sept 19, Winnipeg, CA. Winnipeg Cinematheque.
WNDX 2018 Festival of Moving Image.

2018, April 26, Los Angeles, US. PAM Residencies.
The Film and Video Poetry Symposium – The Shadow Blocks.

2018, March 25, Winnipeg, MB. The Park Theatre.
IOU Video Festival.

2018, March 9, Chicago, US. Columbia College Chicago.
Chicago Feminist Film Festival.

2017, September 14. Arad, RO. Cinema ARTA.
Media Art Festival Arad.

General Screenings

2018, April 27, London, UK. Hackney Downs Studios.
The Batty Mama.

2017, November 24, Mississauga, CA. Art Gallery of Mississauga (AGM).
On the Queer Screen: Lynx Sainte-Marie and Rah.

2017, September 5, Toronto, CA. Planned Parenthood Toronto LGBTQ Youth Initiative.
QT / BIPOC Shorts.

2017, August 18, Montreal, CA. Casa del Popolo.
Hotwire: A Night of Performance and Video.

2017, June 14, London, CA. London Ontario Media Arts Association (LOMAA) & Tangled Arts + Disability – Forest City Gallery.
Tangled London: Mediations – Media + Activism


2017, August 1, Toronto, CA. Life of a Craphead – Double Double Land.
Featured Performer: Doored #30.


2018, February 11, Winnipeg, MB. Winnipeg Film Group.
Guest Speaker: Cinepoetry.