the depth of their artistry

Lynx Sainte-Marie, as an artist and speaker, provides a thoughtful and considered addition to the university lecture experience. When they came to present at my 300-level lecture class, my students were both enthralled by the depth of their artistry and as well appreciated the accessibility of Sainte-Marie’s art praxis somewhere in-between poetry and multimedia performance […]

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draws critical attention

Declining the tendency to use online platforms to disembody and silence points of difference, Lynx is a multimedium artist, educator and activist whose online work and social media presence draws critical attention to intersections of disability justice, class, chronic pain, Blackness, non-binary gender fluidity and survival. Lynx bridges radical grassroots organizing and digital activism — […]

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a skilled public speaker

I invited Lynx to participate on a panel in October 2015 at Ryerson University that focused on the career trajectory of people with disabilities with an equity lens. Lynx was a delight to work with and the perspective they presented was invaluable. Lynx presented a genuine story of an artist working and surviving on the […]

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