strength and self-reflection

Lynx is one of the wisest, most powerful souls I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Lynx’s ability to dismantle societal norms and oppression with such grace and authenticity is truly admirable; a skill that many individuals are still working to obtain. Lynx’s poetic words take you on a truthful and raw journey of what it is like to live in their body in a society that does not accommodate or is not even aware of their needs. The strength and self-reflection they provide in their work is undeniable. I have heard the term “safe space” many times before. Lynx is among one of the only facilitators/workshop leader whose participants have learned what it is to create a safe space that also introduces accountability. During the time I have known Lynx, they have taught me what integrity truly looks like. I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to be a part of their life and to learn with and from them.

Lady Vanessa Cardona
Professional Photographer, Poet, Director & Actor
Edmonton, AB.

an openness and acceptance

Thank you so much for your opening keynote at Ryerson University, for the Reclaiming Our Bodies and Minds Conference. As a community artist/organizer, Collectively, Connectedly, Lovingly: Disability Justice for Our Multidimensional Lives is truly a gift.

I understand that you are faithful to poetry, so thank you for taking some time apart to put together such a thorough and thoughtful presentation.

You had my rapt attention from the moment you invited us to share the space in all the ways that we know ourselves; then immediately vanquished those internalized barriers that cause us to question our place, by calling on your Black, queer, mad, crip Ancestors for protection, and taking command of your own place.

You delivered so much insight with an openness and acceptance like I’ve never seen, as you continually held yourself accountable along with the rest of us. I didn’t experience a single moment of contradiction. I found freedom in the simple truth that oppression and privilege can live in the same body, to move forward, do better. So, thank you for that affirmation. Your talk was decidedly

I am restless to abandon the hierarchies of ally-ship and return to the wisdom of friendship, kinship, and the potentiality of Black radical imagination. Your teachings on accepting care, and using disability justice as a lens, have made anomalous impressions. You have gifted me with ideas, language, solutions, and questions, that I have already put into practice.

It is a pleasure to finally meet you.

I am so looking forward to some cross-movement organizing.

Gina Minugh
Managing Director of The Intersections Project
Toronto, ON.

the depth of their artistry

Lynx Sainte-Marie, as an artist and speaker, provides a thoughtful and considered addition to the university lecture experience. When they came to present at my 300-level lecture class, my students were both enthralled by the depth of their artistry and as well appreciated the accessibility of Sainte-Marie’s art praxis somewhere in-between poetry and multimedia performance art. I am excited to work with them again in the future.

Dorian Jesse Fraser
Art History Instructor, Concordia University
Montreal, QC.

incredible critical thinker

I had the pleasure of hearing the brilliance of Lynx’s words during Black Futures and was blown away. It’s not just that Lynx is an incredible critical thinker and speaker but I also felt energized and inspired at the end of the night. I felt like a different type of future was possible and it felt like the steps to get there were happening that night. We were going to live to see a new reality.

Leonarda Carranza
Writer & Co-founder of Pages on Fire
Mississauga, ON.

draws critical attention

Declining the tendency to use online platforms to disembody and silence points of difference, Lynx is a multimedium artist, educator and activist whose online work and social media presence draws critical attention to intersections of disability justice, class, chronic pain, Blackness, non-binary gender fluidity and survival. Lynx bridges radical grassroots organizing and digital activism — in ways that are embodied, disruptive and very necessary!

Ishani Weera
Labour Educator & Digital Strategist
Edmonton, AB.

a skilled public speaker

I invited Lynx to participate on a panel in October 2015 at Ryerson University that focused on the career trajectory of people with disabilities with an equity lens. Lynx was a delight to work with and the perspective they presented was invaluable. Lynx presented a genuine story of an artist working and surviving on the margins who is passionate about disability advocacy. Lynx is a skilled public speaker, who stays true to the many limitations they face as someone who is sick and disabled. Lynx also successfully and tactfully challenged ideas of white privilege and connected well with students in the audience who subsequently commended their presentation via the feedback forms. I look forward to working with Lynx again, as soon as the opportunity arises.

Heather Kere Quelleng
Social Worker
Toronto, ON.

a grounding presence in community

I first met and organized with Lynx in 2013, in the context of working to centre trans communities within the academic industrial complex. They played a pivotal leadership role in a space that specifically excludes and silences Black disabled trans folks, and they modelled a way to be and feel and reflect while surviving the institution.

In the years since, I have had the great honour of sharing time with Lynx in a mix of spaces, and also being able to bear witness to the breadth of their work, which is always about building trust and community. Whether sharing powerful poetics or social commentary in Brampton, amplifying through social media the unique experiences of folks with intersectional identities or celebrating the brilliance of collaboration, Lynx provides a grounding presence in community.

Bringing a unique perspective from the suburbs to their work is something I most appreciate about Lynx – challenging the narratives about QTBIPOC folks from the 905 while also honouring the reasons people don’t leave (or can’t). They deeply believe in the possibilities, in our communities, in building, in art and in deep social justice especially in the suburban context. I’m honoured to know Lynx, and I’m honoured to support their important work. They are so damn talented and they are incredibly generous.

Anu Radha Verma
Organizer of QTBIPOC Sauga, Independent Consultant & Community Agitator
Mississauga, ON.

the sweetness of blooming genius

Lynx Sainte-Marie has opened my perception to new and transformative aspects of the creative experience. I have seen them in performance at several events in Edmonton including Brown Black and Fierce, Next Fest 2016’s Sister 2 Sister Showcase, and several other workshops hosted by The Landing and other organizations, at the University of Alberta. Their performances are consistently, disarmingly honest and distinctly informed by radical ideation. By radical ideation, I mean the presentation and nurturing of politics and perspective that are borne up by their experiences of beauty, adversity and love.

I have been privileged to participate in workshops discussing the virtues of self and community care with Lynx. I have been transformed in my approach to understanding and clarifying my own perspectives on care and community, as a person maneuvering the challenges of life lived with the label of disability. Lynx’s capacity for vital conversation and real solution based approaches to the challenges of marginalization of many kinds is inspiring in its simple acknowledgement of the fact that those undertakings are riddled with complexity. Lynx’s installation work is extremely important to the re-articulation of empowering narratives and practises of what we call disability. They present a new worldview, located in the consciousness of their audiences toward recognition possibility, creativity and resolve in the living of daily life. They build, speak and sing in the sweetness of blooming genius, and in the struggle for the survival of the futures they envision and share with us.

Lynx Sainte-Marie has emboldened the sensuality of my intake, production and experience of artwork, community and both internal, and external spaces of nurture. I fully recommend them to you with a distinct and joyful expectation of your own transformation through their careful and unflinching presentation, explanation and enactment of creative life.

Shima Aisha Robinson aka Dwennimmen
Spoken Word Poet & Community Organizer
Edmonton, AB

defying normative ideas

Bearing witness to Lynx’s work for the first time sparked something inside of me, deep in my belly. That sensation is what is felt when one can acknowledge with clarity one’s own humanity. It’s so clear Lynx has unraveled and is continuously exploring themselves in their art, reflecting a gentle care for community and justice while doing so. As a Black spoonie artist, their body of work has loved me into knowing myself by defying normative ideas of who is valuable enough to be seen.
Thank you.

Rapper, Vocalist & Activist
Toronto, ON.

passionate about their values

Lynx is a talented, thoughtful and creative writer. I know them through their advocacy work, their writings and I am a grateful to call them a friend. In Lynx you’ll find a writer open to collaboration and passionate about their values and supporting others.

Nailah King
Writer & Room Magazine Collective Member
Toronto, ON.

gothic dreams and cosmic possibility

Lynx Sainte-Marie is one of the most talented multidisciplinary poets, artists, community educators/builders, visionary, theoreticians and guides I have had the pleasure to learn from, work beside, and call chosen family.

Their poetry has moved me from the first moment that I experienced it and asked me to look deeper past the veil of reality, and wipe out the dusty cobwebs of my eyes.

Through my work with #blackspooniespeak and many conversations I have had with them, I have deepened my knowledge, appreciation and understanding of spoonieship, critical disability and chronic pain.

Lynx complicates and speaks to the complexity of blackness, non-binary gender, disability and divine artistry, interweaving into a reality of magic, gothic dreams and cosmic possibility.

Lynx has challenged and developed my ideas of community, communication and self through their critical work, speaking at panels I have been so privileged to witness and community engagement spanning the limitation of geographies and their borders.

I have never seen an artist and teacher show such love and dream worlds into being, mind-bending and reality fucking worlds that demand better of us. Lynx channels and speaks with their noteworthy charm, dry wit, knowing humour and bone stripping honesty into the very core of you.

We are better for having Lynx in our lives, and I truly think we dream and live better for their existence. Their work shows us more, and offers hope and such brilliant art.

Jassie Justice
Poet, Yoga Teacher, Organizer & Porn Performer
Toronto, ON.

a salve of inestimable power

Lynx Sainte-Marie writes and performs their work with a vulnerability and intimacy that is transformative in its generosity. Their ability to weave imagery-laden narrative with no-punches-pulled analysis using sensitive, thoughtful and brilliant language is a gift that demands consideration and attention. Often I find myself turning a phrase of Lynx’s over and over again in my mind long after I have read it, holding it close to me as a precious amulet of truth, rage, or hope against the overwhelming pains of injustice Lynx brings so clearly to light. Their work is a salve of inestimable power in hard times.

Cee Lavery
Montreal, QC.