Lynx Sainte-Marie has opened my perception to new and transformative aspects of the creative experience. I have seen them in performance at several events in Edmonton including Brown Black and Fierce, Next Fest 2016’s Sister 2 Sister Showcase, and several other workshops hosted by The Landing and other organizations, at the University of Alberta. Their performances are consistently, disarmingly honest and distinctly informed by radical ideation. By radical ideation, I mean the presentation and nurturing of politics and perspective that are borne up by their experiences of beauty, adversity and love.

I have been privileged to participate in workshops discussing the virtues of self and community care with Lynx. I have been transformed in my approach to understanding and clarifying my own perspectives on care and community, as a person maneuvering the challenges of life lived with the label of disability. Lynx’s capacity for vital conversation and real solution based approaches to the challenges of marginalization of many kinds is inspiring in its simple acknowledgement of the fact that those undertakings are riddled with complexity. Lynx’s installation work is extremely important to the re-articulation of empowering narratives and practises of what we call disability. They present a new worldview, located in the consciousness of their audiences toward recognition possibility, creativity and resolve in the living of daily life. They build, speak and sing in the sweetness of blooming genius, and in the struggle for the survival of the futures they envision and share with us.

Lynx Sainte-Marie has emboldened the sensuality of my intake, production and experience of artwork, community and both internal, and external spaces of nurture. I fully recommend them to you with a distinct and joyful expectation of your own transformation through their careful and unflinching presentation, explanation and enactment of creative life.

Shima Aisha Robinson aka Dwennimmen
Spoken Word Poet & Community Organizer
Edmonton, AB