Lynx Sainte-Marie is one of the most talented multidisciplinary poets, artists, community educators/builders, visionary, theoreticians and guides I have had the pleasure to learn from, work beside, and call chosen family.

Their poetry has moved me from the first moment that I experienced it and asked me to look deeper past the veil of reality, and wipe out the dusty cobwebs of my eyes.

Through my work with #blackspooniespeak and many conversations I have had with them, I have deepened my knowledge, appreciation and understanding of spoonieship, critical disability and chronic pain.

Lynx complicates and speaks to the complexity of blackness, non-binary gender, disability and divine artistry, interweaving into a reality of magic, gothic dreams and cosmic possibility.

Lynx has challenged and developed my ideas of community, communication and self through their critical work, speaking at panels I have been so privileged to witness and community engagement spanning the limitation of geographies and their borders.

I have never seen an artist and teacher show such love and dream worlds into being, mind-bending and reality fucking worlds that demand better of us. Lynx channels and speaks with their noteworthy charm, dry wit, knowing humour and bone stripping honesty into the very core of you.

We are better for having Lynx in our lives, and I truly think we dream and live better for their existence. Their work shows us more, and offers hope and such brilliant art.

Jassie Justice
Poet, Yoga Teacher, Organizer & Porn Performer
Toronto, ON.