I first met and organized with Lynx in 2013, in the context of working to centre trans communities within the academic industrial complex. They played a pivotal leadership role in a space that specifically excludes and silences Black disabled trans folks, and they modelled a way to be and feel and reflect while surviving the institution.

In the years since, I have had the great honour of sharing time with Lynx in a mix of spaces, and also being able to bear witness to the breadth of their work, which is always about building trust and community. Whether sharing powerful poetics or social commentary in Brampton, amplifying through social media the unique experiences of folks with intersectional identities or celebrating the brilliance of collaboration, Lynx provides a grounding presence in community.

Bringing a unique perspective from the suburbs to their work is something I most appreciate about Lynx – challenging the narratives about QTBIPOC folks from the 905 while also honouring the reasons people don’t leave (or can’t). They deeply believe in the possibilities, in our communities, in building, in art and in deep social justice especially in the suburban context. I’m honoured to know Lynx, and I’m honoured to support their important work. They are so damn talented and they are incredibly generous.

Anu Radha Verma
Organizer of QTBIPOC Sauga, Independent Consultant & Community Agitator
Mississauga, ON.