(A Continuous Work in Progress)

  • To create art & other works that challenge and decentralize oppressive narratives i.e. colonialism, white supremacy, racism, colourism/shadeism, ableism, cisheterpatriarchy and sexism (to name a few).
  • To seek out individuals, space(s), opportunities & ideologies that affirm their existence as a person with complex experiences and various intersections.
  • To believe in the epistemological value of our lived experiences of abuse, marginalization & isolation, regardless of whether these experiences are spoken about at length in academic settings.
  • To use their words in ways that support community building, truth-seeking & love.
  •  To push against narratives of shame and respectability, narratives that seek to isolate and  negate the stories of marginalized.
  • To engage critically with the world on intellectual, emotional and spiritual levels.
  • To strive to live authentically in ways that feel good for them, all the while forgiving and being gentle with themselves when it isn’t safe to do so.