“Lynx Sainte-Marie, as an artist and speaker, provides a thoughtful and considered addition to the university lecture experience. When they came to present at my 300-level lecture class, my students were both enthralled by the depth of their artistry and as well appreciated the accessibility of Sainte-Marie’s art praxis somewhere in-between poetry and multimedia performance art. I am excited to work with them again in the future…”

Dorian Jesse Fraser
Art history instructor, Concordia University
Montreal, QB.

Thank you so much for your opening keynote at Ryerson University, for
the Reclaiming Our Bodies and Minds Conference. As a community
artist/organizer, Collectively, Connectedly, Lovingly: Disability
Justice for Our Multidimensional Lives is truly a gift.

I understand that you are faithful to poetry, so thank you for taking
some time apart to put together such a thorough and thoughtful

You had my rapt attention from the moment you invited us to share the
space in all the ways that we know ourselves; then immediately
vanquished those internalized barriers that cause us to question our
place, by calling on your Black, queer, mad, crip Ancestors for
protection, and taking command of your own place.

You delivered so much insight with an openness and acceptance like
I’ve never seen, as you continually held yourself accountable along
with the rest of us. I didn’t experience a single moment of
contradiction. I found freedom in the simple truth that oppression and
privilege can live in the same body, to move forward, do better. So,
thank you for that affirmation. Your talk was decidedly

I am restless to abandon the hierarchies of ally-ship and return to
the wisdom of friendship, kinship, and the potentiality of Black
radical imagination. Your teachings on accepting care, and using
disability justice as a lens, have made anomalous impressions. You
have gifted me with ideas, language, solutions, and questions, that I
have already put into practice.

It is a pleasure to finally meet you.

I am so looking forward to some cross-movement organizing.”

Gina Minugh
Managing Director of The Intersections Project
Toronto, ON.