Exhibitions In-Progress


Upcoming Appearances, Exhibitions & Film Screenings

2017, September 30, Winnipeg, MB. Nuit Blanche.
Exhibition: Nuit Noire.

2017, September 30, London, ON.  London Fringe Theatre Festival.
Exhibition: Nuit Blanche London.

2017, September 22, Dayton, OH. Breaking Silences, Demanding Crip Justice Conference – Wright State University.
Presenter: Disabled/Deviant: Resisting Anti-Blackness in Crip Relationships.

2017, September 20, Toronto, ON. Rehabilitation Sciences Institute – University of Toronto.
PHT 1001Y & PHT 1002: Introduction & Cardiorespiratory and Exercise Physical Therapy Practice

2017, September 13, Waterloo, ON. Robert Langen Art Gallery – Wilfrid Laurier University.
Facilitator: Accessing Justice: Intersectionality and the Centering of Sick and Disabled Narratives.

Recent Appearances, Exhibitions & Film Screenings

2017, August 19, Boston, MA. Alternatives Conference 2017: Building Healing Communities Together.
Presenter: #BlackSpoonieSpeak: Creative Writing Effort for Healing Black Youth.

 2017, August 18, Montreal, QC. Casa del Popolo.
Film Screening: Hotwire: A Performance Night.

2017, August 17, Mississauga, ON. Blackwood Gallery – University of Toronto – Mississauga (UTM).
Roundtable Participant: Publications Launch Party
Take Care and Red Green Blue ≠ White.

 2017, August 1, Toronto, ON. Double Double Land.
Featured Performer: Doored #30.

2017, July 14, Toronto, ON. Ryerson University.
Guest Lecturer: DST Rethinking Disability.