Exhibitions In-Progress

2017, September 6 – October 1, Arad, RO.
Exhibition: Media Art Film Festival Arad.


Upcoming Appearances, Exhibitions & Film Screenings


Recent Appearances, Exhibitions & Film Screenings

2017, September 30, Winnipeg, CA. Nuit Blanche.
Exhibition: Nuit Noire.

2017, September 30, London, CA.  London Fringe Theatre Festival.
Exhibition: Nuit Blanche London.

2017, September 24, Toronto, ON. Bi Arts Festival.
Film Screening: Film & Video Shorts Showcase.

2017, September 14, Arad, RO. Cinema ARTA.
Film Screening: Media Art Festival Arad.

2017, September 13, Waterloo, CA. Radical Orientation Week – Wilfrid Laurier University.

Facilitator: Accessing Justice: Intersectionality and the Centering of Sick and Disabled Narratives.

2017, September 5, Toronto, CA. Planned Parenthood Toronto LGBTQ Youth Initiative.
Film Screening: QT / BIPOC Shorts.